AWS re:Invent 2019 Networking updates and a bit key notes


  • Transit gateway multicast
  • Transit gateway inter regions peering
  • VPC ingress routing (good for bump-in-the-wire/in-line designs)
  • Routing domains concept also very good if we leverage  properly , will be more benefited for hybrid connectivity models.
  • Direct GW can connect upto three transit GW’s
  • AWS transit GW manager
  • VPC Route table hold upto 1000 routes
  • Transit GW holds upto 5000 routes
  • Certification based authentication for VPN
  • Traffic mirroring (similar to span)
  • VPN connectivity , with ECMP scale upto 50g with transit GW
  • New partner connection speeds 1,2,5 and 10g
  • Client- site vpn supports split tunneling
  • VPC endpoint interface services increased and introduced policies
  • 41 services supported on aws private link
  • Aws outposts enhancements( infra and services) on- prem
  • Aws local zones(avail in LA)
  • AWS accelerated site-site VPN

Key Notes:

  • Hypervisor with nitro system
  • Nitro enclaves
  • Chip innovations – Amazon graviton 2 -processors
  • M6g, r6g, c6g (64 vcpu, 25 gps networking
  • 40% over rice/performance over intel
  • Inf1 instance 
  • 84% of kubernetes runs on aws cloud
  • Amazon fargate for amazon eks

Simple Reference Architecture with New feature

For more info., please go through below URL which has very good data.

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