What is Vmware on AWS in my own words!!

Off course, majority of my network guys are already aware of this concept, just I am posting from my prospective by adding network info because end of the day application performance  not only depends on code, infrastructure also plays a key role!

In simple manner – AWS is COLO for Vmware cloud and top of that, vmware does not have datacenters across the world so, they are leveraging  AWS datacenters and calling it as “VMWARE Cloud on AWS”

My prospective, both are two different public cloud entities which means, who is expert on AWS can`t work on Vmware cloud and vice-versa !

      1) VMWare has placed their infrastructure in AWS and built public cloud with Vspehre,VSAN and NSX

    2) You cannot consume any of AWS services (EC2/EBS..so on) and also, terminology  in vmware is completely different.

  3)  Just you create SDDC on vmware cloud (public cloud) and extend to your        vsphere on-prem.

  4)  Once you create SDDC on vmware cloud automatically VPC gets created to AWS and you will get access to AWS work loads

  5)  Latency between Vmware and AWS cloud is less than 1 ms(I was told by one the expert, I suggest we should try this before conculde)

  6)  How the AZ(Availability Zone)  concepts works, just placing their infra in different AZ`s in same location and extend VSAN and NSX

  7) As of now, they have foot prints in couple of regions in USA and ASIA(Australia) – I don’t have complete data.

8) What is AWS RDS on Vmware – Well I did the lab on the same,  here is the interesting thing,  just create RDS in AWS and add a DB strings of application servers which sits in VMware cloud and it communicates over VPC 🙂 .

     Still I am not why they call it AMS RDS on Vmware… might be they are coming up with      some more options on this, take RDS OVA and deploy on Vmware on-prem something like that but not sure how it works if that is the case then we can call it AWS RDS on VMware

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