My experience with ACI so far!!

Great to here that cisco announced ACI 3.0 … let me brief my experience with ACI

ACI is fantastic product for green field deployment but for brown field deployment had a bad experience … here are couple of issues.

1) End point fluctuation – if you see more end points moves frequently in fabric, end point process get crashed and eventually, fabric get crashed.

Command to check endpoint move on leaf:

tail -f /var/log/dme/log/epm-trace.txt | grep “EP move” -B 1
tail -f epm-trace.txt | grep “”

2) VTEP IP assign issues – When we added new leaf in fabric, given used VTEP IP to new leaf due to which my production leaf (which has that IP) went down, not sure how it’s assigned the used IP ??because IP assigning to new leafs through DHCP , seems to be ACI not tracking DCHP assigned IP`s ?

3) When registering the new leafs, suddenly 4-5 others leafs got rebooted and impacted.

4 ) Directly connected route issue – if you are mapped Subnet-1 to VRF-1 and later you decided to move \d subnet-1 to VRF-2 but still your subnet-1 shows as directly connected VRF-1 as well VRF-2 which makes that subnet unreachable

Work around – erase the specific leaf configuration (ensure you have dual home connectivity) and reload the leaf – seems to be fixed.

Being a CCIE guy I am not trying to project ACI a bad product , assuming cisco will ensure ACI is the best product because cisco has lunched this product with high expectations , soon will see stable product

We  wish cisco will  bounce back with new code addressing all the issues in software defined competitive world .

Best of luck !!

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