ACI troubleshoot commands – Part1

I have noted  for myself during troubleshooting, thought to share with all of you. but its not in order, I suggest you all to use APIC controller to get the right information  for endpoint(leaf/VPC ).
firmware path in ACI – cd firmware/fwrepo

show port-chann ext
show vlan ext(will show s/w and h/w vlan, encap vlan)
acidiag fnvread( VTEP information)

acidiag avread (application vector, give APIC controller information(Version/IP/VTEP pool..)
show coop internal info ip-db | grep -A 10 – check endpoint in spine

vsh_lc (To check internal )
show system internal elmn info vlan bri

Type only vsh, gets into NXOS mode

ENd point move checking:

End point move check:

tail -f /var/log/dme/log/epm-trace.txt | grep “EP move” -B 1

tail -f emp.txt | grep -C 10 “MAC ADDRESS”

show coop internal info global – Which spine is primary
show oob – Mgmt IP`s (From APIC)

show system internal epmc endpoint ip
show system internal ethpm event-history interface eth1/17

cat /mit/sys/lldp/inst/if-[eth1/1]/summary – Wiring issues
cat /mit/uni/fabric/compcat-default/swhw-*/summary | grep model
cat /mit/sys/summary – OBB ip

iping -V xyz.vrf -c 1000

From APIC Controller:

show vlan-domain vlan 1226 –> mapped to which EPG and static bindings
show endpoints vlan 1226 – endpoints of specific VLAN
show oob from APIC controller
show tenant XYZ application database (complete application profile end end points)
show tenant XYZ application database epg phx-e2-tims-db5-2309 endpoints(specific endpoints)
show tenant XYZ epg phx-e1-payb-app1-1213 detail – Static bindings
show tenant XYZ endpoint vlan 1213 – to know the expg
show vpc map to check list of vpc`s configured
show tenant XYZ endpoints | egrep “|AEPg”
show tenant XYZ ip interface bridge-domain | egrep “x.x.x.x|Interface” – To know the BD
show ip interface bridge-domain | grep 10.0.10 -B 3 -A 3 – Where you don`t have endpoint, got only subnet and you want find BD/EPG(reverse engineering)

show tenant E1-eCP ip interface bridge-domain | grep -A3 -B3 10.20.182

show vlan ext

show port-channel ext

show vpc ext

show vlan id 75,81 ext

OSPF commands

show ip ospf database self-originated vrf common:intra-app-west-vrf
show ip ospf neighbors vrf common:internet-west-vrf
show ip ospf database vrf common:internet-west-vrf

Continues…………………   in next part!!!

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