How to change Set metric/Metric type (ospf/bgp) in ACI

It’s pretty straight forward but little tricky while configure route-maps in ACI.

Example : Changing set Metric/type.

Click on L3-out

Click on RouteĀ  Maps/Profiles

Create route-map/profile – The name should be “default-import/Default-export “(depends on your requirement) name should not beĀ  given any other names.

Example : If you want to set Metric/Type for all outgoing routes from fabric.

Create a route map with default-export

Select Match Prefix AND Routing policy

Create a route context (leave default # 0) – name (here can be anything )

Set the rule and rule name (can be anything) – Set metric – Value which you want to be and Metric type (type1/Type) also, you can do something in this section(can modify the BGP attributes as well)

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