Troubleshoot SAN boot from UCS!!

Well !! There are lot of articles published on the same topic but want to publish my own version by consolidating available articles & add my experience and make people to understand who has moderate knowledge on UCS.

I am not going to explain how to create a service profile because lot of videos are available in the market.

Here is  the simple diagram with explanation:


 MDS(native FC- NPIV mode)-Fabric interconnect(Native FC – NPV mode)-UCS

    1)   Configured FC link as uplink interface on both th FI`s

                 – Equipment- FI section- Click on FI-A and FC ports- select 1/1 as Uplink port (do the same for FAB B)

   2)   Create a VSAN 10 and 20 on MDS and FI as per the diagram

            – Example on FI-A –> 1/1 to be mapped to VSAN 10 and FI-B-1/1 to be      mapped VSAN 20

              – Go to SAN (click on SAN cloud)–> Click on Fabric A – click on VSAN – create VSAN 10 and  FCOE vlan is 10 – Select the Fabric A  (repeat the same step for Fabric B as well)

              –  Go to SAN (click on SAN cloud)–> Click on Fabric A – Up link FC interfaces – click on port 1/1 and map vsan 10 (repeat same for FI-B)

   3)  Ensure that MDS is configured in NPIV mode

          – feature NPIV

         – feature fport-channel-trunk

  4) You have to ensure that FI has configured as “set FC end host mode”(means NPV will be enabled by default)

        – Check the NPV flogi – show NPV flogi-table/status

        – Configure the boot policies.

   5) Create a boot policies

           –  boot order 1 CD-ROM

           –  boot order 2  – HBA`s/fc template)

          – 1st HBA/fc0- as primary – Point to  FAB-A storage controller WWN(get it from storage team))

           – 2nd HBA/fc1 – as a secondary- Point to  FAB-B storage controller WWN(get it from storage team)

         6) One more thing that you need to give the “lun id” for each WWN(By default  0 or 1 used by any storage vendor but some organizations may assign`s specific LUN ID to LUN`s those stuff you should get it from the storage team) because wrong of lun id I got LUN access error (Click below link for troubleshoot)

      7) Reboot and KVM  console to blade, while booting you should be LUN mapped to blade means, yo are good from storage prospective.

        8) MAP ESX/any OS image to blade before booting(for first time installation)

       9) KVM console to Blade – Click on virtual media – Activate virtual device – CD/DVD and MAP ISO Image and install the ESX/any OS.

     10 ) If you are having any issue with LUN, here is the link for document t troubleshoot because I got the solution from this only.

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