AWS limitations

Good to know the limitations of AWS, will be handy when you architect  solution on AWS and also very useful for AWS solution architect preparation.

  1. Two hundred subnets per Amazon VPC
  2. One Internet Gateway per VPC
  3. Five Virtual Private Gateways per AWS account per Region
  4. Fifty Customer Gateways per AWS account per Region
  5. Ten IPsec VPN Connections per Virtual Private Gateway
  6. EC2 Instance – Default Limit: 20 per region
  7. EBS Volume – Default Limit: 5000 volumes or an aggregate size of 20 TiB
  8. Elastic IP – Default Limit: 5 per region
  9. Elastic Load Balancer – Default Limit: 10
  10. High I/O Instance – Default Limit: 2
  11. Virtual Private Cloud – Default Limit: 5
  12. EC2 Security Groups (EC2 Classic)- Max: 500 in each region for each account, and each Security Group can have a maximum of 100 rules/permissions.
  13. EC2 Security Groups (EC2-VPC) – Up to 100 security groups per VPC

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