AWS vs AZURE Networking – Mapped to Networking terminology

When I was going thorough AWS and AZURE Networking, collected the network terminology used in public cloud and tried to map to physical/logical networking terminology, will be handy when you are  configuring networking stuff on public clouds.

S.No AWS AZURE Explanation in Networking terminology Remarks
1 VPC (Virtual Private cloud) VNET your own data center  
2 NACL(Network ACL) – Stateless NACL Perimeter security  
3 S/w Router   works as a router  
4 Route table(static routes to be added) Through power shell need to add static routes Static routes  
5 Private/Public subnet Private/Public subnet Private/Public subnet  
  Elastic IP Reserved IP N/A Public IP gets changed once you reboot the instance, but elastic/reserved IP doesn’t change after stop/start the instance.
6 NAT instance NA Static/Dynamic NAT   
7 ELB(Elastic Load balancing) – Public Availability Set Load balancer for public facing  
8 ILB(Internal Load balancing) – Private Availability Set Load balancer for private facing  
9 Internet gateway Gateway For internet access (default routed to be added towards internet GW)  
10 VPN gateway VPN gateway To build VPN tunnel(AWS to ON-PREM)  
11 Secuirty group(Staefull) End points More secure to instance/server  
12 Route 53 Traffic Manager Nothing but Global site load balancer  

Below is the sample  diagram of Network connectivity flow in AWS.

AWS Networking


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