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Is CCDE really worth of doing at current market trends?

I have gone through material and list of books that needs to be referred are fantastic, no doubt about the content, given depth of each and every topic.

If I am not wrong need to refer almost 15-20 books ūüôā !! after you go through all these books we will become a “network design expert” (even beyond that..)

Definitely Cisco has come up with  different approach(business-functional and mapping to technical requirements  ), vendor agnostic certification and different than any CCIE certification.  Covered almost all the technologies  be it datacenter/enterprise/service provider.

Till this part  I am fine, not sure why this course has not included  Virtualization and SDN technologies(SD-WAN and  included more  information on VXLAN and EVPN )  because market is driving by SD**  in next generation networks??

Do we really need to go depth in the following topics MPLS L2/L3 ??  And Spanning tree  technologies(slowly  fading away and replacing with spine and leaf architecture in datacenters but not sure in service provider and enterprise networks are behind spanning tree? And same has applicable for FHRP as well because all the Data center`s are preferring fabtricpath ,depth on vxlan/nvgre overlay protocols and more focused on designing data centers with evpn and so on..(would have more stressed on these technologies )

In think certification should have covered CLOUD specific designs as well ex: Hybrid cloud designs (Merging ON-PREM and public/private cloud design)  and open stack neutron functionality technologies because Cisco also more focused on open stack private cloud network (metapod..)

And should have included couple of use cases/designs by  using SDN technologies (SD-WAN/Enterprise/Data center ).

Off course, my perception on CCDE course content  is might be the wrong if so, please correct me. One thing I can say that course outline is really impressed but the worry is why we need to spend more time on couple on  legacy technologies?

Finally, I Appreciate¬† “Marwan and orphan” for publishing good books/video/design articles.

This is just my opinion , not challenging  the CCDE course content !!!

Looking for comments and inputs….!!